Veracity of Samuel L. Jackson’s congressional crime stats questioned!/timthegiraffe/status/513399494868619265

Actor Samuel L. Jackson thinks Congress needs to get back to work right now based on these “statistics”:

Now these MUTHAFUKKAS ARE TAKING THE NEXT 5WEEKS OFF!! Don't we have SHIT that needs Fixing?!

— Samuel L. Jackson (@SamuelLJackson) September 20, 2014

As much as many might share Jackson’s anger at Congress for various reasons, tweeters suggested what could be a good idea for a new movie: “Snopes on a Plane”:

@SamuelLJackson snopes

— VP (@rocktop15) September 20, 2014

@SamuelLJackson this is completely made up bro….check your sources

— Travis $taggs (@T_RAV_4real) September 20, 2014


— Tanner Dierman (@Hammer_Wolf) September 20, 2014

For argument’s sake, let’s assume those congressional statistics really are that bad: Why would anybody encourage that same bunch to get back to D.C. to “fix” anything?

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