Wait Until You See These 31 Inventions. You’re Going To Want Them All.

You’ve never heard of these 31 inventions before, but you’re going to want them all. Seriously. Some of these are pure genius, with the potential to change your life. Others, well… I’ll let you decide for yourself.   

So sit back, relax, pull up your Amazon Wish List, and get your wallet ready. First though, you should probably hide your credit card. 

1.) So simple. I need this.

2.) Now toast will never be burnt.

3.) That’s how you lock a USB drive.

4.) The tie flask.

I guess you could fill it with juice or something?

5.) Keep those stains off the carpet.

6.) This is how you prevent people from breaking their toes in the middle of the night.

7.) This would make my life so much more sanitary.

8.) Corner frames.

9.) Pizza scissors!

10.) Taking your goldfish for a walk.

11.) The pillow for blocking out light and sound anywhere.

12.) Creates a bird feeder out of your bread crumbs.

13.) Anti-sandwich theft device.

14.) Ahh! Goodbye extension cords.

15.) Who even buys batteries any more?

Genius. That’s all I can say about the next one. Click next page below to see what I mean.

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