What A Neighbor Did To This Girl’s Dog Broke Her Heart And Scarred Her For Life

In Utah, a 12-year-old girl is reeling from the tragic events of last Friday. Right before her very eyes, a neighbor beat her two-pound Yorkshire Terrier to death with a pair of garden shears.

Little Haley was outside with her dog, Chewy, when he ran across the street to the neighbor’s yard. The toy terrier wasn’t big enough to hurt anyone and, by all accounts, was a sweet dog. Haley watched in horror as the neighbor hit the dog with his garden shears, killing him instantly.

Haley’s mother, Nancy Limburg, told KSL, “My daughter came running in screaming, yelling, ‘The neighbor just killed Chewy! The neighbor just killed Chewy!’ I got up and went across the street where he was at and my dog was on the sidewalk — blood all over the sidewalk.”

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Nancy immediately confronted the neighbor, who began to blame Haley. He said that she made the dog run into his yard. Even more terrifying, the man was still holding the bloody shears. Nancy returned to her house and called the police.

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