What Paul Walker Secretly Did In 2004 Made Me Cry. And It’s Just Now Coming Out.

Paul Walker might have been most famous for his “Fast and the Furious” movies, but what most people don’t know is that he was actually a great and generous man. When he bumped into a couple in a jewelry store in 2004 that was searching for an engagement ring, he did something for them that they never expected. They never told anyone about the generosity (worth $9,000) he showed towards the soldier…until now.

Soldier Kyle Upham and his wife Kristen were in a jewelry store, searching for a ring, when they saw Paul Walker. They struck up a quick conversation. After the encounter, they went back to shopping.

Kristen had her heart set on an engagement ring that was too expensive for them to afford, so they left. Later, they received a call from the jewelry store.

They were told to come back. When they arrived, they were presented with the ring. An anonymous person had purchased the ring for the couple.

At Paul’s request, the store clerk kept silent and would not tell the couple who was responsible. But after his death, Irene King wanted the world to know how generous Mr. Walker truly was.

Kyle and Kristen kept the gift receipt, expecting it was the star that helped them, but weren’t sure until this moment. Kristen said it was one of the nicest things anyone has ever done for her.

“His real life speaks volumes of his character. He really did put his money where his mouth is and did good for this world.”

Don’t just mourn the loss of an actor, mourn for the generous and kind-hearted human being that lost his life.


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