What People Have Spotted In Paris Over The Years May Be The Cutest Thing Ever.

This dynamic duo is the talk of the Internet today. Why? Because four years ago, not one, but TWO people just had to take photos of a dog and his best friend on the streets of Paris.

On it’s own, this headline wouldn’t exactly sell many newspapers. But when these two people recently posted their pictures and found each other online, they learned something interesting. They both saw these extremely adorable pals.

That these two REALLY ARE BFFs!

Both people took the photos months apart.

Meaning of course these forever pals have a serious obsession with nap time around Paris.

And just can’t snooze without one another.

(via BoredPanda)

Considering these photos were taken about four years ago, here’s hoping they’re still together today. If you’ve seen them around, drop us a line and give us an update. Or better yet, share this quickie story with your friends using the buttons below. Together, we’ll find this cute couple!

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