What These Women Endure Is Almost Unfathomable. But Wait Til You See Why… OMG.

Although there are many people throughout the world who don’t believe this, women are just as capable as men. Perhaps a female’s body structure requires different training in order to become strong, but that doesn’t mean they are NOT strong. Take these Chinese body guards for example. They are all women and they are all incredibly fierce. The training they endure could break down your average person, yet they are able to survive it. Not only that, but once they are finished with training, these women are tough.

On April 4th 2014, six women began training in a bodyguard training school in Beijing. In recent years, the number of schools like this has grown.

The classes are grueling.

The girls spar…

Concentrating on different styles of martial arts.

The techniques and strategies they learn are impressive.

These girls learn how to REALLY fight.

They may look delicate, but these women are anything but.

Since 2011, the amount of female body guards in China has increased.

The trainees come from a wide background. 70% of them are retired soldiers and athletes. College graduates make up the other 30%.

As long as they finish the training, these women can be hired as private body guards.

The training is inspired by special forces training from all over the world.

There is not one type of woman who attempts to become a body guard.

Even pretty and delicate women are found in these training camps.

As there are more wealthy citizens in China, the demand for personal security has been growing.

Thus, an increased interest in training.

Compared to a male bodyguard, a female bodyguard can disguise herself as a secretary or personal assistant without appearing too indiscreet. They’re sought after by business executives.

30% of wealthy business executives in China are female. These female executives are more likely to want female bodyguards.

Their skills are impressive, with or without weapons.

They even go through self defense and survival training.

They may not look it…

But these women know how to handle themselves.

(H/T Takungpao) Take this important lesson to heart: don’t judge others on looks alone. You might think these women are delicate or unable to defend themselves, but in reality they are strong fighters. As time goes on and the demand for body guards rise in China, more and more women will endure this training so they can be privately hired. Criminals better watch their backs.

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