What This Pool Repairman Did After Finding A Drowned Squirrel Is Amazing. A Must See.

One day in Arizona, pool contractor Rick Gruber came to work on an otherwise normal day. His task: install a pool heater. But as he arrived he came across a horrifying site. A drowning squirrel. He went to get something to help get the poor creature out of the pool, but when he came back it was submerged and not moving.

Rick began gently pushing on the squirrel’s stomach to clear its lungs while it rested on PVC pipe. “Can you throw up? Can you give it a heave ho? Give it the old ugh,” Gruber said.

He placed the squirrel in one of his kneepads, and continued to encourage it take deep breaths. “Come on, little guy. You can’t die.” Rick told him.

He was weak, but started to move around a bit. Just needing severe rest as he clung to life.

Amazingly, Rick captured everything on his cell phone for the next hour…when the little guy finally started to feel better.

And managed to walk away, alive!

Check out the full video below:

I seriously can’t stop crying, it’s just a great story. I truly hope karma is real, because this man deserves a whole truckload. Source: YouTube Share with your friends if they’ll appreciate such a beautiful act of kindness.

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