When A Grief-Stricken Dog Couldn’t Cope, He Found The Most Unlikely Buddy

Sometimes when dealing with grief, all you need to make the sadness go away is for a new friend to walk (or waddle) into your life.

George the dog took the loss of his canine partner in crime, Blackie, incredibly hard. According to his owner Jacquie, even two years after Blackie’s passing, George was still showing serious signs of depression. As it turns out, all George needed was the company of a new friend.

One afternoon while lounging on the front porch of their home in Tennessee, George and Jacquie were greeted by a duck that appeared to be full of spirit.

This friendly duck took quite a liking to George and it appeared as though the feelings were mutual.

Nothing to see here, just a dog and his best friend the duck taking a morning stroll.

Since the fowl’s arrival, George had yet to let out a single whine in sadness, and the two now seem inseparable.

Coincidentally enough, the duck’s arrival coincides with the two-year anniversary of Blackie’s passing.

Some of the longest-lasting friendships can be the most unlikely ones as well.

You know they say there’s always an angel watching over you, and I think in George’s case, that friendly duck might just be a little bit of heaven on Earth.

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