Who Would Have Thought You’d Have A Ghost Story Featuring Haunted Bunk Beds…?

When you think of haunted items being brought into your house, you probably initially jump to things like jewelry, paintings, and mirrors. However, sometimes other common items can be haunted gateways to the other side, too.

Take for example the story of the Tallman family living in Horicon, Wisconsin. After buying a used bunk bed from a second-hand shop in 1987, their lives quickly became a living hell…

This is the haunted bunk bed in question. Pretty creepy, right?

Not long after Allen and Debbie Tallman bought the bed for their sons, strange things began to happen inside the house. At first, it was small events like the radio changing stations on its own and doors opening and closing. However, things quickly escalated. The children frequently reported seeing an ugly old woman in their room with black hair and a glow like fire.

Finally, Mr. Tallman had enough and allegedly walked through the house shouting, “Pick on me, leave my kids alone!” Which is exactly what the spirit did…

The next day, he heard a voice calling to him from the garage. He saw the orange glow of fire and red eyes staring at him through the garage windows. Later that night, as the family all slept in the same room, a mysterious fog began to fill it. It quickly turned into flames with green eyes, and proclaimed to Tallman, “You’re dead.”

The final straw came when a relative was babysitting the boys at the house.


This relative was a proud skeptic of the paranormal, but they became a believer after witnessing the spirit. That’s when the entire family fled the house in the dead of winter to escape whatever evil was haunting it.

The story of the local haunted house spread quickly and townsfolk lined up to give suggestions for cleansing the home. However, what finally drove the spirit away was destroying the haunted bunk bed.


(via Cult Of Weird)

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