Whoever Made These 17 Hilariously Awful Movie Marquees Should Be Fired. Or Promoted.

“Can’t see the forest for the trees” is an idiom that means you miss the importance of a situation because you’re too busy focusing on the details. We’ve all been there. Sometimes, though, missing the big picture can have hilarious results…

Take these movie marquees for example. Most likely, the employees who threw up the titles had no idea what they were actually spelling out. (And if they did? They either need fired… or promoted.)

1.) Wow, Australians get around.

2.) I’ll definitely buy a ticket to that!

3.) No wonder they’re going extinct.

4.) The medical community needs to know about this…

5.) There’s about a bazillion jokes possible here.

6.) Vampires meets 50 Shades of Grey?

7.) This is all kinds of wrong.

8.) This Nancy is really something.

9.) Throw in some virgins and we have a Mayan holiday on our hands.

10.) Literally how did this even happen. Marquee makers: GET IT TOGETHER.

11.) Too soon?

12.) Just Go With It.

13.) Who’s making all of these signs?!?!

14.) Get off the fence guys.

15.) Shotgun wedding time?


17.) Julia Roberts is taking her role in Pretty Woman a little too far.

(Source: BuzzFeed)

Wow, why are so many X-rated? (C’mon guys, clean it up.) I have a feeling that most of these were on purpose. Those employees did see the big picture. They just wanted to make sure it’d make a bunch of high schoolers (and me) laugh.

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