Why Are These Little Things Still Ruining Our Lives? We Need Solutions. Now.

Everyone has had one of those days where one little problem — or, more likely, a series of little problems building up — just makes you snap.

You might feel petty complaining about it, but don’t worry. We totally understand. We’ve experienced these frustrating moments ourselves and, honestly, we wonder why someone hasn’t come up with a solution for this stuff yet. 

Why are all of these things still issues?!

1.) I guess you really can’t go home again.

2.) “Quotation marks do not indicate emphasis.” – A quote from me.

3.) Yeah, this is exactly what I’m searching for.

4.) Yeah, sure it is.

5.) Wait, where exactly is the value?

6.) This box is a big fat liar.

7.) One piece missing. On an app.

8.) Why are they opposite. Just. Why.

9.) Ugh.

10.) I guess I’ll use scissors next time.

11.) Great, now I’m even more depressed and in need of ice cream.

12.) Over 85 years of mildly disappointing everyone every single time.

13.) Why does it always try to hide?

14.) I didn’t really want to eat this anyway.w

15.) The bane of every childhood.

16.) What monster would do this???

17.) Are. You. Kidding. Me.

18.) Because you don’t want to clutter up your car, after all.

19.) Great parking job.

20.) So close, yet so far.

21.) Literally every time I go to check out.

22.) Suddenly having elementary school flashbacks.

23.) Pizza crust with a side of cheese cardboard.

24.) Just wanted to relax with a glass of wine and…

25.) Freshly baked cookies and a nice glass of… never mind.

26.) “Fitted sheets” is an oxymoron.

27.) This is the opposite of an eraser.

28.) This is what I get for following the instructions.

29.) Double disappointment.

30.) Most. Frustrating. Gif. EVER.

(H/T: BuzzFeed and Reddit.)

The next time one of these things happens, just remember: you’re not alone. You may be frustrated. You might even be angry, but you’re not alone.

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