Yep, I Think These Celebrities Had Some Work Done…

Youth is lost on the young. Every day they’re squandering their good looks, never appreciating that they don’t have to worry about thinning hair, saggy eyes, or loose skin. But just wait till they get older. The day will come when they’ll look back and pine for the past.

Or maybe even take matters into their own hands…by going under the knife!

Because that’s what these 21 celebrities did as they aged over the years (over even months!)

1.) Sylvester “Rocky” Stallone is still the Italian Stallion.

2.) Vegas living has done nothing good for Wayne Newton.

3.) I wonder why Jessica Simpson isn’t a spokeswoman for Chicken by the Sea.

4.) Perhaps the biggest surprise on this list is Meg Ryan.

5.) Lil Kim, who you might not have recognized without this caption.

6.) We miss you Michael.

7.) Lindsay “I’m broke” Lohan.

8.) Dolly Parton might be more plastic than human at this point.

9.) Melanie Griffith, you’re a whole new woman.

10.) Janet Jackson is stunningly… different.

11.) Ah, Burt Reynolds.

12.) Ms. Sarah Jessica Parker ladies and … well … ladies.

13.) If you know this is Kenny Rogers, then you must be older than me.

14.) But you were already stunning, Megan Fox.

15.) Janice Dickinson, model. Don’t you know how to look in a mirror?

16.) Pamela Anderson has certainly…increased.

17.) Why does Scarlett Johansson look amazing in both pictures?!

18.) Donatello Versace, you are crazy.

19.) Mickey Rourke is not real, I swear.

20.) Angelina Jolie–yet another example of how surgery isn’t necessary.

21.) Carrot Top, more like Rotten Top.

(via Reddit)

Whoa. Did you see Donatello Versace?! For someone so obsessed with her looks, it seems unbelievably criminal that she doesn’t own a mirror. Or that her doctor doesn’t either!

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