You Won’t Believe What This Guard Dog Is Protecting A Little Girl From. Wow.

Charlie the Great Dane isn’t just a normal dog for a family in Ireland. Sure, most people would expect the gentle giant to protect their 3 year-old girl Brianna Lynch, but he does it in a way that actually saves her life.

You see, Brianna has severe epilepsy. She will forget to breathe, go into seizures and needs someone always keeping an eye on her.

“She is quite a complex child,” her mother told the Champion, “She forgets to breathe and then goes into seizure. She has gone through eight different types of medicine and it now looks like she needs brain surgery.”

Charlie is so sensitive to Brianna, if he detects that she is about to have a seizure (and he can up to 20 minutes in advance), he will gently press up against her. He protects her with his own body and waits for someone to come and administer a sedative for her.

Dogs aren’t just man’s best friend – they’re life savers.


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