You’ll Never Look At These Movies Posters The Same Way Again.

When these two guys decided to step up their Facebook profile game, they turned to Hollywood and began hilariously recreating movie posters. Their attention to detail and commitment to the characters is impressive, stepping into the shoes of gorgeous stars like Jennifer Aniston and Rachel McAdams like goofball pros. 

You can definitely tell they’re big fans of Paul Rudd, Seann William Scott and a surprising amount of romantic comedies. Take a look!

1.) The Break-Up

2.) Wayne’s World

3.) Brokeback Mountain

4.) 22 Jump Street

5.) Goon

6.) E.T. the Extraterrestrial

7.) Dinner for Schmucks

8.) The Notebook

9.) Pain & Gain

10.) Nacho Libre

11.) Titanic

12.) Step Brothers

13.) Role Models

14.) I Love You, Man

15.) The Wolf of Wall Street

I think these two are about to get a lot of friend requests. Share the LOLs with your buddies by clicking below! 

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