You’re A Genius If You Can Figure Out Why Any Of These 38 Signs Exists. What In The?

No matter where you live, there will be some strange laws that still exist on the books. Decades pass and politicians and those in power forget all about the antiquated rules. That’s not a surprise, those regulations aren’t constantly updated. It’s a little weirder, though, when physical signs are so strange they defy all logic… Someone put these warning signs up. There had to be a reason, so what could they possibly mean?

1.) Hey, there’s nothing wrong with that.

2.) What monster could possibly be anti-duck?

3.) I think this one is pretty obvious, with or without context.


5.) Dirty… inhuman… things.

6.) Yes, please yield to the meaningless of life.

7.) Is this your cat? Please come get your cat.

8.) Nice, yet passive aggressive. I like his style.

9.) Throwing cats out of windows is kind of poor form.

10.) Congratulations to who can even attempt to swallow this.

11.) No cupping hands, no matter how badly you want the drink.

12.) Because only punks wear hair rollers.

13.) I sincerely do NOT want to know.

14.) Isn’t poisonating the WORST?

15.) Thanks for the guilt trip, Christmas lights.

16.) Did you know that microwaving cockroaches is a little strange?

17.) JEEZ, okay, kissing police.

18.) So… they’re selling children, right?

19.) Zombie children?

20.) People just want to put wax everywhere.

21.) I’m starting to feel really weird about grass, now.

22.) Colorado Springs is just confused.

23.) So, let’s just think about how racist this sign is.

24.) … … … um. …

25.) I WONDER what those are pictures of.

26.) Where is everyone getting exotic animals?!

27.) But, is it for women?

28.) They learned this one the hard way.

29.) Why we might need to know that frightens me.

30.) … Shoot.

31.) So what am I supposed to do with my stripping singles?

32.) Is this the best or worst store ever?

33.) So, that wasn’t obvious?

34.) I NEED to know the back story to this.

35.) You’re supposed to do what with a chicken-man?

36.) Man, you can’t rent a good pig anywhere.

37.) I can never find a good tea specialist to hang out with.

38.) I think I know what this means… and… ew.

(H/T Happy Place) Most people would be happy to follow the suggestions or rules stated by these signs… if they weren’t absolutely bizarre. There should be a law: if no sane human can understand the sign posted, they shouldn’t have to adhere to it. These are so weird… show them to others by clicking the Share button!

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