You’re More Like The People You Love Than You Know. Just Look.

At first, these photos may look like normal portraits. Upon closer inspection, though, you’ll realize they are so much more. This photo series is a new digital project created by Croatian artist Ino Zeljak. It’s called Metamorfoza.

By using photo editing software, Ino explored similarities of those people who are related or are in close relationships. By merging their faces, the artist showed just how similar they truly are. It’s mind-boggling.

Brother and sister.

Best friends.





Twin sisters.

Brother and sister.

Mother and daughter.

(Ino Zeljak via My Modern Met)

You are more like the people you love than you could ever realize. This innovative photo series shows just that. Appreciate your loved ones; they’re a part of you, after all. Share these incredible photos with others by clicking on the Share button below.

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